II International Scientific Workshop

AMS-II: Advances in Materials Sciences - 2021

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About the Workshop

The International and Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations, Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall are holding the II International Scientific Workshop "Advances in Materials Science" - AMS-II 2021 in the framework of the II International Conference on Advances in Material Science and Technology - CAMSTech-II 2021.

We invite scientists, specialists and research teams as well as representatives of the enterprises interested in all aspects of theoretical and practical research of materials science: synthesis, analysis of properties, technology of materials processing and their use to participate in the Workshop.

The purpose of the Workshop is to exchange the experience of leading experts in the application of advanced science-intensive production technologies, industrial chemistry, physics of materials, metallurgy and nanotechnology. The theoretical and practical aspects of material science research are considered: synthesis and analysis of material properties, materials processing technologies and their practical use.

Proceedings of AMS-Workshop "Advances in Materials Science" (Section 5) are published in Materials Science Forum (Volume 1031).


Workshop Programme

Videoreports of the participants


Доклады и статьи участников

Chapter 1: Materials and State of Matter Physics


Electric Power Sources Based on the Seebeck Effect of Manganese Sulfides with Rare Earth Substitution A.M. Kharkov, M.N. Sitnikov, V. Kretinin, H. Abdelbaki, F. Zelenov, S. Konovalov and A. Gelgorn


Experimental Studies of Radiation-protective Properties of a Modified Titanium Hydride R.N. Yastrebinskii and A. Karnauhov


Ab Initio Calculations of New α-L5-7a and β-L5-7a Graphyne Polymorphic Varieties V. Mavrinskii and E.A. Belenkov


Design of a New Gas-Dynamic Stabilization System for a Metal-Cutting Plasma Torch S.V. Anakhov, I.Y. Matushkina and Y.A. Pyckin


Magneto-Optical Properties of Rare-Earth Terbium Ferrite-Garnet in the Near the Temperature of the Orientation Phase Transition M.Z. Sharipov, D.E. Hayitov and M.N. Rizoqulov


Features of Brass Processing with Powerful Ultraviolet Lasers of Nanosecond Duration I. Kaplunov, T. Malinskiy, S.I. Mikolutskiy, V. Rogalin, Y. Khomich, V. Zheleznov and A. Ivanova


Influence of Biaxial Mechanical Stresses on the Magneto-Optical Properties of Holmium-Yttrium Ferrite-Garnet M.Z. Sharipov, D.S. Ruzieva and N.M. Ergasheva


Influence of Ultrasonic Waves on Current-Voltage Characteristics and Polarization Effects of Si-N-P Radiation Receivers A. Gaibov, K.I. Vakhobov, B.V. Ibragimova, U.E. Zhuraev and D.T. Rasulova


Metrological Analysis of the Relationship Model between the Properties of Piezoelectric Materials A. Fimin, E. Pecherskaya, V. Alexandrov, Y. Varenik, A. Volik and A. Levin


Low Energy Ar+ Ions Scattering from SiO2 ( 001)<Ῑ10> Surface Undergrazing Incidence A. Ashirov, U. Kutliev, S. Xakimov and S. Ismailov


Investigation of Defect InP(001) Surface by Low Energy Ion Scаttering Spectroscopy M. Karimov, F.O. Kuryozov, S.R. Sadullaev, M.U. Otabaev and S.B. Bobojonova


Crystallizing Metal Shrinkage; Automation of High-Pressure Crystallization Control M.S. Denisov and V. Korostelev


Selection of Nanostructured Zirconium Dioxide Crystals under Dry Friction against Molybdenum V.V. Alisin


Mapping of Beta Distribution for the Study of Dispersed Materials V. Polosin


Fabrication of Conically Shaped CuCr1 Chrome Bronze Products by Wirefeed Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing A.V. Gusarova, T. Kalashnikova, D. Gurianov, A.V. Chumaevskii, K. Osipovich, V.E. Rubtsov, Y. Kushnarev and A.P. Zykova


Obtaining of Copper- and Nickel-Based Polymetallic Gradient Products by Wire-Feed Electron Beam Additive Technology A.V. Gusarova, A.V. Chumaevskii, D. Gurianov, T. Kalashnikova, A.P. Zykova, A. Panfilov, S. Nikonov and K. Osipovich


Electron Microscope Studies of the 01Cr17Ni13Mo3 Austenitic Steel Structure After Cold Rolling Combined with Hydrogen Alloying with Varying Degrees of Deformation T. Kozlova


Process Relationship in High-Stress Friction Coupled with Complex Shaped Counterbody and Friction Stir Welding Al-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloy A.V. Chumaevskii, D. Gurianov, A.V. Gusarova, A. Zykova, A. Panfilov, E. Knyazhev, V. Beloborodov and L. Zhukov


Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials Based on Low Modulus Fabrics I.S. Zherebcov, V.V. Savin, A.V. Osadchy, V.A. Chaika and V. Borkovskih


Study of the Possibilities of Obtaining Powder Materials by Rotational Turning With Multi-faceted Cutters A.S. Binchurov, Y. Gordeev, V. Kuleshov, A. Dvoryansky, A. Gribanov and O.V. Kuleshova


Chapter 2: Materials and Chemical Technologies


Identification of the Mechanism of Synthesis of SDRL Rubber E. Garifullina, G. Manuyko, G. Aminova, V. Bronskaya, D. Balzamov, T. Ignashina and O. Kharitonova


Synthesis of Galactomannan Sulfate-Citrate A. Kazachenko, Y. Malyar and A. Kazachenko


Features of the Use of Quartz Sand as a Vibration Damping Spacer for Internal Combustion Engine Muffler Housing I. Deryabin, L. Gorina and A. Krasnov


Phase Equilibrium and Synthesis in Ionic Melts of the System Na2WO4-K2WO4-Pb2WOZ. Kochkarov, A.A. Baysangurova, R. Bisergaeva, M.M. Isaev and A.I. Khasanov


Using Granulate Composites with Calcined Phosphogypsum and Pet Additive in Asphalting P.B. Razgovorov, А.A. Ignatiev, V.M. Gotovtsev and E.A. Vlasova


Calculation and Analysis of the Molecular Weight Characteristics of the Polymer in the Synthesis of Butyl Rubber I. Antonova, R. Dmitricheva, V. Bronskaya, G. Aminova, I. Lapin, R. Askarova and O. Kharitonova


System Analysis and Simulation of the Process of Destructive Hydrogenization of Deasphaltisate of Heavy Oil S. Ataullaev, B. Mavlanov, S. Fozilov, F. Bobokulov and H. Fozilov


Magneto-Caloric Effect in the Layered Magnetite-Maghemite System γ-Fe2O3-Fe3OK. Urinov, A. Amonov, K. Jumanov, G. Sherboboyeva and S. Faiziev 


Chemical and mineralogical compositions of mortar mixes of architectural monuments of Uzbekistan of the IX-XII centuries I. Tojiev



Chapter 3: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies


Some Evaluations on the Technical State of Metal Products and Determination of their Safe Operation Period on the Basis of Criterial Control V. Gadalov, I. Vornacheva, S. Safonov, D. Nuretdinov, V. Sokolova, I. Ladikov and A. Rzhavtsev


The Evaluation Effect of the Active Lubricating Coating on the Mechanical Properties of Stamped Semi-Finished Products Made of Refractory Metals E. Remshev, Z. Rasulov, S. Voinash, I. Vornacheva, V. Sokolova, S. Dolmatov and P. Kolesnikov


Ultra-Compact Eddy Current Transducer for Corrosion Defect Search in Steel Pipes S.F. Dmitriev, V. Malikov, A. Ishkov, S. Voinash, M. Kalimullin, M. Salimzyanov and L. Novikova


Research of Post-Treatment Effect on Structure of Alloys Manufactured Using Additive Technologies E. Remshev, V. Ignatenko, S. Voinash, I. Teterina, V. Malikov, V. Sokolova and A. Ivanov


Methodology for the Selection of Technological Modes for the Synthesis of Transparent Conducting Oxides with Desired Properties T. Zinchenko, E. Pecherskaya, V. Antipenko, A. Volik, Y. Varenik and A. Shepeleva


Reconstruction of Regression Relationships for Determination of Strength Values for Alloys of Products in Diffusion Welding S. Kurashkin, D. Rogova, A. Lavrishchev, V.S. Tynchenko and A. Murygin


Analysis and Assessment of the Effects of Corrosive Hydrogen Media on the Stress-Strain State of a Spherical Titanium Alloy Shell V. Kuznetsova, M. Barkova, A. Zhukov and I. Kartsan


Application of the Acoustic Emission Method for Estimating the Residual Life of Elastic Elements at the Stage of Preparing a Product for Operation E. Remshev, A. Gusev, S. Voinash, I. Vornacheva, A. Scherbakov, O. Kuzmin and V. Sokolova


Preparation of TiO2 Coatings on Carbon Fibers R. Gallyamova, R. Safiullin, V. Dokichev and F.F. Musin


Electroplating of Indium-Cadmium and Tin-Cadmium Alloy Coatings S.Y. Kireev, S.N. Kireeva, A. Frolov, A. Yangurazova and K. Anopin 


FEM-Based Comparison Of Mandrel Wear Resulting From Elongation Of Pipes Manufactured From Various Materials On A Two-Roll Screw Rolling Mill Q. Nguyen and A.S. Aleshchenko


Development of Porous Films Based on Polyanionic Cellulose to Form Functional Coatings N. Antonova


Reinforcement of Protective Coatings Based on Powder Paints with Alumina Nanofibers M. Simunin, D.Y. Chirkov, A.N. Zaloga, A.A. Kuular, Y. Fadeev, A. Voronin and V.V. Chizhova


Controlling the Stress State of the Coating during Plasma Spraying O. Timokhova, D. Shakirzyanov and R. Timokhov


Numerical Calculation Method of the Polymer Stamp Material Redistribution under Restrictions on Fatigue Life I. Andrianov


Homogenization Modes Effect on Mechanical Properties and Corrosive Characteristics of the Rolled Products from Al-Mg (1570) Aluminum Alloy with Addition of Scandium and Zirconium A. Ragazin, V. Yashin, I. Latushkin, E. Aryshesnkii and F.V. Grechnikov


Technological Features of the Liquid-Solid State of the Boundary Layer in the Processes of Bimetallic Products V. Lykhoshva, D. Glushkov, E. Reintal, V.V. Savin, L.A. Savina, A. Shmatko and A. Tymoshenko


Determination of the Causes of Copper Wires Beads after Fire in Vehicles A. Mokryak, A. Mokryak, S. Skodtaev and T. Safonova


Manufacturing of Bellows Compensator by Pulsed-Magnetic Field Pressure N. Kurlaev, M.S. Ahmed Soliman and N. Ryngach


Influence of the Circumferential Speed of the Spiked Cylinders on the Efficiency of Cleaning Raw Cotton O. Rajabov, S. Salimov, A. Temirov and M. Yokubov