II International Conference

ETESD-II 2023: Environmental Technologies and Engineering for Sustainable Development

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About the conference

II International Conference on Environmental Technologies and Engineering for Sustainable Development (ETESD-II 2023) was held by National Research University “Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers» with the support scientists of Iowa State University, North Dakota State University and The Ohio State University (USA), Ondokuz Mayis University and the Association of Ecological Agriculture Organization (Turkey), University Technology Malaysia (Malaysia), Angel Kanchev University of Ruse (Bulgaria), Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bangladesh), S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University and South Kazakhstan University named after M.Auezov (Kazakhstan) on 13-15 September 2023 and 14 October 2023 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the Conference was to share the experience in the areas of environment protection, biodiversity preservation, innovative technologies used in agriculture, preventing environmental damage, as well as to discuss the urgent problems and prospects of advanced technologies of food production, soil protection and tillage, water saving, environmental research and earth space systems.


published in:

 E3S Web of Conferences (volume 443)

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (volume 1284)

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Section in E3S Web of Conferences


Integration of forestry management tasks at the forestry level



Vladimir Mavzovin, Nikolay Klevanskiy, Dmitry Shakirzyanov, Ekaterina Miroshikhina, and Venera Yumagulova



Application of enzymatic hydrolyzate of chitosan as a plant growth promoter



Miroslava Kotlyar, Diana Ibatullina, Maria Zinov’eva, Ksenia Shnaider, and Sania Zaripova



Study of the combustion process of flammable liquids in open areas and its impact on the environment



Sergey Vilokhin, Sergey Ponikarov, and Artem Ponikarov



Engineering surveys for the rebuilding of culverts considering construction requirements



Irina Trotsenko, Yulia Korchevskaya, and Sergey Shelest



Determining the economic efficiency of the intelligent system in an irrigation network



Anvar Djalilov, Erkin Sobirov, Umida Tasheva, Irina Allenova, and Jasur Abdunabiyev



Influence of cultivation technology on the yield of winter wheat



Yuri Syromyatnikov, Ivan Semenenko, Alexandra Orekhovskaya, Irina Troyanovskaya, Iraida Bedenko, and Rustem Sakhapov



Development of new recipes for minced meat semi-finished products using Allium ursinum



Galina Ivanova, Olga Kolman, Marina Glotova, Ekaterina Nikulina, and Olga Evtukhova



Preparation and characterization of chitosan/Aloe Vera gel film for fresh fruit




Tran Y Doan Trang, Ha Thi Dzung, Ta Thi Huong, Le Quang Dien, Do Thi Hanh, and Ha Thi Nha Phuong



Experimental study of the process of drying melon slices in a chamber-convection dryer



O. Rakhmatov, and F. O. Rakhmatov



Experimental study of a drying installation for drying melon with IR-radiation



O. Rakhmatov, I. S. Zhulbekov, and I. M. Kabulov



Singular-spectrum time series analysis for oil and gas industry production forecasting



Aleksandr Zhukov, Denis Zhurenkov, Yuliya Basalaeva, Victor Gedzyun,

Vladimir Skripachev, and Igor Kartsan



Influence of technical tools on the ecology of agricultural engineering sphere



Igor Lipkovich, Irina Egorova, Nadezhda Petrenko, Abdul- Mudalif Dzjasheev, Aidar Nurullin, and Adelya Sayfutdinova



Effectiveness of mineral fertilizers in cultivation of maize for grain under conditions of the Central Chernozem region



Ekaterina Malysheva, Oksana Nikitina, Marina Chaplygina, Natalya Dolgopolova, and Liliya Fomicheva



Evaluation of energy-economic parameters of tractor with electrically driven power unit



Anton V. Bizhaev, Sergey N. Devyanin, Valery L. Chumakov, Yaroslav D. Pavlov, and Nikolay A. Maistrenko



The influence of thermal pressure on the catalytic properties of SHS converter blocks during pre-start preparation of a diesel engine



Alla Melbert, Alexander Mashensky, Alexander Scherbakov, Ilgiz Razetdinov, and Airat Safin



Modeling roll contact curves of a squeezing machine



Dildora Sulaymanova, Yulduzoy Abduganieva, and Zokhidjon Miratoev



Determination of the maximum droplet diameter during centrifugal extraction, soil analysis, contamination and waste disposal



Sergey I. Ponikarov, and Artem S. Ponikarov



Increasing the efficiency of heat exchange by changing the construction of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger



Ganisher B. Rakhimov, and Feruzbek I. Murtazayev



Environmental aspects of subsurface irrigation and development of a mathematical model of a double-circuit solar heating system



A T. Tyemurkhanov, G N. Tovarnyx, and S A. Utaev



Macroregional sustainable development on the basis of public-private partnership mechanisms


Viktor Prokhorov, Ivan Rozhnov, Olga Maslova, and Anna Kuklina


Organizational and economic mechanism for the implementation of sustainable innovations


Maksim Zotov


Rural area infrastructure as a factor in the development of organic farming


Kirill Yu. Maksimovich, Alexander E. Lisitsin, Vitaly V. Aleschenko, Adel M. Yakushev, and Adelya M. Sayfutdinova


Study of the kinematics of a disc-pin working body


Rinat Abdrakhmanov, Maxim Kononov, Marat Kalimullin, Irina Troyanovskaya, Rustem Sakhapov, and Ilgiz Razetdinov


Method for repairing steel crankshaft joints


Boris Tarasenko, Abdul-Mudalif Dzjasheev, Viktor Markov, Ramil Zagidullin, Stanislav Akhmetshin, and Adel Yakushev


Choice of technology for heat treatment of large diameter gears on the basis of the system-resource approach


Stanislav Gorobchenko, Dmitriy Kovalev, Viktoriia Sokolova, Ekaterina Miroshikhina, Venera Yumagulova, Alexandra Krivonogova, and Yuri Pushkov


Analysis of land management expertise in order to determine the location of the boundaries of a residential building and land plot


Stanislav Odintcov, Alexander Loshakov, Lyudmila Kipa, Margarita Kasmynina, and Marina Melnik


Digital technologies for remote control and monitoring in road construction


Lyudmila Glebushkina, and Aleksey Tokarev


Placement, construction and operation of local drainage systems on land plots provided for individual housing construction


Alexander Chugunov, Ekaterina Ol, Nadezhda Matyusheva, Sergey Voinash,

Ilgam Kiyamov, and Linar Sabitov


Modeling residual moisture content of leather


Gayrat Bahadirov, Kakhramon Aliboev, and Shamsiddin Xaydarov


Modeling the contact interaction of leather with squeezing rollers


Gayrat Bahadirov, Kakhramon Aliboev, and Shamsiddin Xaydarov


Risk assessments for rockfalls taking into account the structure of the rock mass


Daulet Takhanov, Merei Balpanova, Aigul Kenetayeva, Mukhammedrakhym Rabatuly, Gulnar Zholdybayeva, and Sheishenaly Usupayev


Analysis of the optimization of labor protection measures in engineering work


A J Kurbonov, O R Yuldoshe, N J Saidxonova, S T Oblakulov, and K A DJumakulova


The need for instrumental measurement of the traction force of the friction drive of the vertical spindles of the cotton harvesting machine


M. Shoumarova, T. Abdillayev, A. A. Duskulov, and Sh. A. Yusupov


Study of the influence of oil consumption and changes in key indicators during the operation of diesel and gas engines


R K. Musurmanov, S А. Utaev, and A. K. Turaev


Bioethanol production from secondary bioresources of the pulp and paper industry


Olga Bolotnikova, Nadezhda Kvasha, and Ekaterina Malevskaia-Malevich


Air source emissions inventory: A case for emissions calculation in Vietnam


Pham Huong Quynh, Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, and Pham Thi Thanh Yen


Proposals to reduce the impact of climatic anomalies on the productivity of hayfields in arid conditions


Marina Vlasenko, and Svetlana Turko


Physico-chemical analysis of oil emulsions


Dmitry Slashchinin, Tatyana Luneva, and Maria Kovaleva


Synthesis of a cost-effective magnetic nanoparticles coated sugarcane bagasse and

testing tetracycline removal capacity


Ta Thi Huong, and Tran Y Doan Trang


Collection and sorting of glass waste for recycling in the production of building materials and products


Julia Shchepochkina, Dmitry Klyosov, Nadezhda Matyusheva, Vladimir Zyryanov, and Aidar Nurullin


Efficiency analysis of roller squeezing of leather


Dildora Sulaymanova, Yulduzoy Abduganieva, and Zokhidjon Miratoev


Modeling the water filtration rate during the process of squeezing leather


Shavkat Khurramov, Kuvondar Bektoshev, and Jakhongir Jonkobilov


Simulation of hydraulic during roller squeezing of leather


Shavkat Khurramov, Kuvondar Bektoshev, and Jakhongir Jonkobilov


Monitoring the effectiveness of organizational and technological complexes of enterprises for the processing and disposal of solid waste


Igor Kovalev, Dmitry Kovalev, Evgenia Tueva, Valerya Podoplelova, Dmitry Borovinsky, and Svetlana Efa


Use of morphometric and phenological indicators of Betula pendula Roth for environmental health assessment


Nina Turmukhametova, and Denis Turmukhametov


Environmental safety at hi-tech enterprises in the application of artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 technologies



Aleksandr Zhukov, Anton Saveliev, Denis Zhurenkov, Yuliya Basalaeva,

Suren Khachaturyan, and Igor Kartsan



Monte Carlo solution of heat conductivity problems with quadratic nonlinearity on the boundary of domain



Abdujabar Rasulov, Gulnora Raimova, and Dilfusa Hasanova



Prospects and tasks of sound vision application for diagnostics and visualization of cavitation and turbulent flows in medium and large diameter fittings



Stanislav Gorobchenko, Dmitriy Kovalev, Maria Taraban, Sergey Meshkov,

Iraida Bedenko, and Rustem Sakhapov



Wireless automated environmental monitoring system



Timur Yumalin, Timur Salikhov, and Alina Gaskarova



Digitalization of process management in the agro-industrial complex



Vladimir Mavzovin, Nikolay Klevanskiy, Alexander Scherbakov, Talgat Ilyasov, Airat Safin, and Viktoriia Sokolova



Modular enumeration technology - a tool for creation of new algorithms family solving discrete programming problems



Vitaly O. Groppen



Radar complex for unmanned aerial vehicles



Eduard Zhdanov, and Alexander Shpak



Algorithm for assessing the promptness of Earth space sensing information delivery



Sergey Mavrin, and Sergei Golikov



Outlines of digitalization of the clothing industry



Nuriya Ibragimova, and Vener Kharisov



Analysis and assessment of information security risks for sustainable development of the oil and gas industry



Mariia Maslovа



Automated skills control of food production specialists using a training system



Ivan S. Polevshchikov, and Rostislav A. Kravchenko



Formation of land use system in Uzbekistan: past and today



Aziz Kazakov, Islom Khasanov, Dostonjon Maxmadiyev, Muzaffar Xakberdiyev, and Saidburkhon Akbarkhonov



Improving the assessment of agricultural land reclamation condition using GIS based on the interdependence of the factors impact



Sunnatilla Goibberdiev, Gulomkhodja Ikromkhodjaev, Ziynatdin Tajekeev,

Timur Ismailov, Uzbekkhon Mukhtorov and Ilhomjon Aslanov



Conceptual basis for digitalization of specifications of transport and technological cycles of agricultural UAVs



Igor Kovalev, Dmitry Kovalev, Komil Astanakulov, Valerya Podoplelova, Dmitry Borovinsky, and Svetlana Efa



Analysis of desertification trends in Central Asia based on MODIS Data using Google Earth Engine



Ilhomjon Aslanov, Nozimjon Teshaev, Kholmurod Khayitov, Uzbekkhon Mukhtorov, Jamila Khaitbaeva, and Dilrabo Murodova



Field Monitoring Application Based on Video Surveillance: Evaluation of System Performance



N B. Usmanova, D A. Mirzayev, F A.  Ergashev, and D A.  Yunusova




Section in IOP EES


Analysis of a sand and dust storm event in Termez, Surkhandarya Region, Uzbekistan: impacts and insights


Geospatial model of negative processes of agricultural land as a means of digitalization of the educational and experimental farm


Research of clay raw materials of south kazakhstan for thermal insulating keramzit production


Physical and geographical features of the toponyms of Uzbekistan


Effective influence of AgroMag magnesium fertilizers on the yield and quality of potatoes



Influence of liqorice growing on the salt composition of low-fertility soils of the Syrdarya region, Uzbekistan


Current state of biodiversity and hydrological-hydrochemical regime of the Mezhdurechensk reservoir of the Republic of Karakalpakstan


Analysis of the amount of flavonoids contained in the surface part of the Alhagi maurorum by chromatographic method


Study of the content of soluble vitamins in juices obtained from different grape varieties


Study of chemical compositions of wild and dry rose hip extract regarding the geographical zone of growth


Study of combined drying of lemon seeds and peel


Drum dispenser of feed additives


Development of the construction of the feed mixer device of granulation line


Influence of the shape of the disc slots of the seeder on the suction force of the vacuum for precise sowing of seeds


Synthesis of the contour and dimensions of the guiding channel of an elliptical drum according to the operation conditions and kinematic regimes


Investigation of joints from corrosion-resistant steels obtained by energy-saving rotary friction welding technology


Evaluation of the effect of welding technology on the operational characteristics of joints


Assessment of sustainable innovative development of petroleum and gas chemical complex enterprises considering the impact of industrial risks


Some approaches to the application of digital tools in engineering of the environmental component of sustainable development


Influence of crop rotations and cotton monoculture on cotton field weediness


Parameters of the disc angle of a stepped plow for tillage


Assessment of soybean raw material in regard to plant adaptability in the climatic conditions of the Middle Volga Region


Liquid separation modeling while selecting contact devices for separation in a centrifugal field


Interrelation of wear rates of accelerator gear teeth


The influence of the front section teeth lengths on the agrotechnical and energy performance of a two-stage vibratory gear hardware for land


Productivity analysis of agricultural UAVs by field crop spraying


Results of extensive tests of a hanging brush grade equipped with track softeners and field soft devices


Justification of parameters and operating modes of an elevator with combined rods


Influence of seed positioning during sowing on the amount of deviation of plant sprouts from the straightness of rows


Analysis of system parameters in a microprocessor performance model of a swarm of agricultural spraying UAVs


Mathematical modeling of small soil channel laboratory stand drive and evaluation of its energy state


High softening performance indicators of plug-softener


Calculation of the deformation values of the ammortizer in the compound angle gear transmission


Development of the constructive scheme and 3D model of the smart corn-seed grader machine


Ecological characteristics of algoflora of Lake Khadicha and monitoring water quality


History of Lake Sudochya and development perspective


Damage reduction of trunks of trees left for growing during selective felling


Increasing energy efficiency as a result of the influence on the operation of a Sano automobile engine with the adding of hydrogen as an additive to primary fuel


Study of the properties of asphalt concrete based on solid waste from cement production


Formation and justification of the parameters of the comb for laying the drip irrigation hose and sowing seeds


Theoretical aspects of substantiating the parameters of the working body of an environmentally comfortable spraying unit


Influence of supported filtration on channel safety (based on the example of Swanley channel)