IX International Conference

AGRITECH-IX 2023: Advanced Agritechnologies, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development

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The IX International Conference on Advanced Agritechnologies, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development - AGRITECH IX – 2023 will be organized by the International and Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations (Moscow, Russia), Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall, Siberian Scientific Centre DNIT, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) in partnership with Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute (Bukhara, Uzbekistan) in Namangan Engineering Technological Institute (Namangan, Uzbekistan) on 6 November 2023.


The scientific sessions will take place in Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute (Bukhara, Uzbekistan), Fergana Polytechnic Institute (Fergana, Uzbekistan) and Namangan Engineering Technological Institute (Namangan, Uzbekistan). The online session will be also organized to give the opportunity to make scientific reports to those participants who will not be able to come to the conference.


Volga Region Research Institute of Manufacture and Processing of Meat-And-Milk Production (Volgograd, Russia), Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia), Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Agriculture of Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov (Kazakhstan) are official partners of the Conference.


We invite scientists, post-graduates and research teams as well as representatives of the enterprises working in agritechnologies, food technologies, environmental engineering for sustainable development of the modern society to participate in the Conference.


The purpose of the Conference is the exchange of experience of leading experts in the field of high-tech geochemical, geological, geophysical and information technologies in agriculture; energy, oil and gas engineering; environmental management and engineering, mining and soil processing technologies, as well as in modern areas of biodiversity research and methods for its conservation for sustainable development; the influence of food production on the environment and sustainable systems of food technologies; agroforestry, environmental safety, green technologies and natural resources.


All accepted papers are published in E3S Web of Conferences (Volume 486) indexed in Scopus



Papers and reports

Trasnport Systems for the Sustainable Development of Territories


Development of service infrastructure for private motor boats in the northern regions


Svetlana Shvetsova


Transport connectivity of the organic production zone at the regional level


Vitaly Aleschenko, Olga Aleschenko, Kirill Maksimovich, and Yuri Petrov


Transport as a key factor in developing Russian-Chinese border regions


Antonina Kulapova


Improving the technological process of dismantling rail and sleeper grids through the use of a removable catcher


Evgeny V. Nepomnyashchikh, Konstantin A. Kirpichnikov, Galina S. Komisarchuk, and Sophia A. Efimova


Analysis of optimization of labor protection measures aimed at improving workplace



Azimjon J. Kurbonov, Nazokat J. Saidxonova, Sohib T. Oblakulov, Kamila A. Djumakulova, and Navbahor N. Nazarova


Design solutions for construction of auto-electric refueling stations in the conditions of rocky soils


Roman R. Zhuravlev, Artem S. Subbotin, Egor V. Galkin, and Polina E. Chernikova


The influence of the tread pattern on the performance of a tractor engine


Muqadas Mamasalieva


Improving the transport infrastructure on the federal highway


Darya Sorokina, and Mariia Zhuravleva


Study of the optimal distance between electric charging stations located on highways


Alexey Shvetsov


A unified approach for measuring the level of service of transport infrastructure


Timofei Radionov, Anton Mikhalev, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, and Denis Mityukhin


Engineering, Transport Energy Efficiency and Power Industry


Investigation of the quality of functioning of a quadrature signals receiver of a continuous automatic cab signaling on records of real signals and interference


Ruslan R. Yusupov, Alexey S. Khokhrin, Alexander L. Zolkin, Avaz M. Merganov, and Mikhail G. Grigoriev


Simulation of the operation of a traction power supply system with various types of electrical energy storage devices


Vladislav L. Nezevak


Analysis of reliability of a prefabricated conductive rail joint in context of heavy traffic


Alevtina G. Isaicheva, Maxim V. Basharkin, Alexander L. Zolkin, Yulia N. Koval, and Mikhail R. Bogdanov


The influence of anisotropic properties of the under-rail base on the track dynamic settlement


Zulfiya Fazilova, and Elvira Egereva


Modern structures for slope stability in the design of artificial structures on railroad tracks


Artem Subbotin, Natalia Kandrashina, Valeria Kandrashina, and Kamila Najmudinova


Problems of and prospects for the development of railway infrastructure in Kazakhstan


Erjan Akhmedov


An estimation of mechanical stresses in the stator of the NB-514 motor of an electric locomotive


Aleksandr Portnoj, Oleg Melnichenko, Sergej Shramko, Aleksej Linkov, Pavel Grigorenko, and Maxim Mishchenkov


Study of press joints using strain gauges at low loads


Artem Popkov, Sergey Shlyakhtenkov, and Vladimir Vyplaven


Development of a simulation model for controlling energy storage systems on electric trains


Stanislav Istomin, and Andrej Shatohin


Method of electric vehicle braking energy recovery


Nikolay Barbashov, and Anastasia Polyantseva


Calculation of the economic and environmental efficiency of introducing advanced technologies in the energy supply of buildings


Mekhriya Koroli, and Adelya Ivanisova


Calculation of energy-power parameters of roll mechanisms


Abdumajit Saliyev


Force analysis of roller squeezing mechanism


Shavkat Khurramov, Farkhad Khalturaev, Feruza Kurbanova, and

Zukhriddin Absamatov


Study of the influence of thermodynamic processes on the parameters of the technical condition of power plants


Victor Kochergin, Sergej Glushkov, Boris Lebedev, Oleg Lebedev,

and Valerij Konovalov


Transition from traditional cars to electric ones in Arctic regions


Alexey Shvetsov


Failures and methods of ensuring the service life of friction discs of gearboxes


Vladimir Vakhrushev


Dielectric separation


Bahodirjon Mamadzhanov, Abrorbek Shukuraliev, Shukhratbek Mannobboev,

Shoyadbek Turaev, Aslidin Patidinov, and Shakhnoza Mavlyanova


Numerical simulation of aerodynamic processes in the fan in the diesel locomotive cooling module


Alexander Goryunov, Arthur Shmakov, Anton Skachkov, Yekaterina Kharlamova, and Maria Glebova


Effect of undissolved gas on fluid bulk modulus


Konstantin V. Troyakov, Anna S. Kaverzina, Vyacheslav V. Rybin, Alexey Yu. Ivanov,

and Artem A. Kardash


Development of a reduced-order virtual model of a diesel locomotive cooling module


Alexander Goryunov, Arthur Shmakov, Anton Skachkov, Yekaterina Kharlamova, and Maria Glebova


Predictive maintenance of cutting tools using artificial neural networks


Nazokat Karimova, Ulugbek Ochilov, Sherali Yakhshiev, and Ilhom Egamberdiev


Methodological approach to determining the area of air recycling on metro lines with double track tunnels


Sergey Zhikharev


Innovative solutions for a new technology of high-speed rail grinding


Andrey Ilinykh, Alexander Pikalov, and Elena Jurkova1


Heat transfer modeling during thermite welding of rails


Sergey Glushkov, Marina Galay, and Eduard Sidorov


Monitoring of the technical condition of structures and building materials of an elevator silo housing


Svetlana Sazonova, Sergei Nikolenko, Nadezhda Akamsina, Dmitry Sysoev, and

Leonid Stenyukhin


New working equipment of PXP 2.0 high-performance railway train


Andrey Ilinykh, Denis Vorontsov, and Vladimir Miloradovich


Analysis of railway transport snow-blowing equipment operating modes by diesel generator operation parameters


Anton Kochetkov, Mikhail Gulyaev, and Artem Popkov


Technosphere and Environmental Safety


Improving the efficiency of diesel filters to reduce the adverse impact of fuel on the



Gurban H. Dadashov, Vladimir V. Babin, Ivan E. Alekseev, Yuri E. Serebrennikov, and Maxim Yu. Romanenko


Improving environmental efficiency of gas purification by low-temperature treatment


Vladimir V. Babin, Maxim Yu. Romanenko, Yuri E. Serebrennikov, Vladimir V. Chernetsov, and Gurban H. Dadashov


Approximation method for the potential composition of petroleum fractions


Larisa Tugashova, Ruslan Bazhenov, Saida Beknazarova, Olga Chuyko, and

Aleksandr Dimitriev


Technology to prevent snow accumulation on the roofs of buildings operated by a transport company as a solution to snow removal problems


Tatyna Saulova, Vitaly Bas, Yury Simkin and Artem Nadegkin


Methodology for collecting information in the study of vehicle safety


Pavel Solonshchikov, and Evgeny Kosolapov


Development of control system of isopentane-isoamylene fraction rectification column using neural network


Elena Muravyova, Tamara Grigorieva, and Alexandra Gaidukova


Theoretical aspects of designing an integrated management system of industrial, fire and environmental safety of the organization


Irina Rashoyan


Increasing the environmental safety of the motor transport complex by optimizing traffic on emergency road sections


Kirill Magdin, Irina Sippel, and Stanislav Evtyukov


Theory and methods for assessing technogenic impact on the environment of northwestern Siberia


Alexander N. Zhukov


Ensuring transport security during cargo transportation


Pavel Solonshickov, Irina Tolstoukhova, Artem Shevchenko, and Polina Kokorina


Pump jack balancing control method depending on the load


Anna S. Kaverzina, Konstantin V. Troyakov, Alexey Yu. Ivanov, Artem A. Kardash,

and Vyacheslav V. Rybin


Parameters of technological machine roll contact curves


Gayrat Bahadirov, Kakhramon Aliboev, and Zukhriddin Absamatov


Safety data sheets for chemical laboratories associated with environmental engineering


Irek Ibragimov


Design and technology concepts in providing auxiliary track roadbed stability on permafrost


Oksana Neratova, and Svetlana Zhdanova


Information Technologies, Transportation Science and Technology Synergy


Transformation of the multilevel system of transport infrastructure project management


Andrey Sazonov, and Marina Sazonova


Application of finite element analysis in the development of the pedal assembly of the Formula Student racing car


Alexander V. Bobrowskii, Alexey V. Zotov, Dmitry A. Bobrowskii, Mikhail P. Gololobov, and Ekaterina D. Chizhatkina


Development of human capital through assessing the level of competencies of higher education programs in modern economic conditions


Olga Kharina, and Eduard Zhdanov


Investigation of the conditions of movement of magnetic transport devices on ferromagnetic surfaces of various orientations


Sergey Koryagin, Oleg Sharkov, and Nikolay Velikanov


New engineering methods in snow removal of roofs by air jets


Yury Simkin, Tatyna Saulova, and Vitaly Bas


Fundamentals of the organization of supervisory activities for labor safety during the repair of mobile power facilities in agriculture


Igor Lipkovich, Irina Egorova, Nadezhda Petrenko, Anton Popov, Ilgiz Razetdinov, and Viktor Markov


Balancing security and user experience in the evolving digital landscape


Kingsley Okoli, and Yana Bekeneva


Solving the problems of studying passenger flow in urban public transport by introducing digital technologies


Bakhtiyor Aliboev, Gulchehra Juraeva, Doniyor Akhmedov, Normakhamat Gulyamov, and Akbar Abrorov


Investigation of transportation infrastructure elements on the example of spherical bridge bearing


Anastasia Bogdanova, Anna Kamenskikh, and Yuriy Nosov


Increasing the operational parameters of worm gears


Olga Sukhanova, Darya Spirina, Liliya Nikitina, Kseniya Sobol, and Ivan Trifanov


Development of construction of a screw conveyer that transports and cleans cotton,

justification of screw parameters


Kozimjon Yuldashev, Anvar Djuraev, and Oybek Teshaboev


System analysis of the procurement warehouse for the achievement of its effectiveness


Stanislav Gorobchenko, Dmitriy Kovalev, Venera Yumagulova, Maria Lushpaeva,

Svetlana Zatenko, and Natalia Melamed


Thе imрасt of the disс roller’s diаmeter on the сombined mасhine’s рerformаnсe during the sequentiаl рroсessing of freshlу рlаntеd sоil


Dаvlаtkhоn K. Muqimova, Sаidоlim J. Zingirоv, Bахtiоr M. Ахmаtоhunоv, Dоstоnbеk Z. Zоkirоv, Аbdulаziz R. Mеlikuziеv, and Lосhinbеk Е. Tursunbоеv


Calculation for variations in resistance force during trailer unloading device operation


Khayrullo Baynazarov, Shoyadbek Turayev, Abdumannob Giyasidiniv, Sarvarbek Ismailov, Nurmuxammad Maxammadjonov, and Xasanboy Sotvoldiyev


Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles and application of nanoadditives in diesel fuel: bibliometric analysis


Ivan Morenko, Irina Isaeva, Irina Odinokova, and Galina Ostaeva


Traditional and green approaches to the synthesis of copper-containing nanoparticles

using chemical reduction


Ivan Morenko, Irina Isaeva, Irina Odinokova and Galina Ostaeva


Cost-effectiveness analysis of the implementation of transport and technological

cycles in the swarm use of agricultural UAVs


Igor Kovalev, Dmitry Kovalev, Komil Astanakulov, Valery Podoplelova,

Anna Voroshilova, and Zinaida Shaporova


Environmental safety problems of swarm use of UAVs in precision agriculture


Alena Yablokova, Dmitry Kovalev, Igor Kovalev, Valeria Podoplelova, and

Komil Astanakulov


Development of an automated system for designing ball screws


Maxim Terekhov, Anna Sazonova, Rodion Filippov, Yuri Leonov, and Ilya Sorokin


Direct geocoding of street intersections in text message analysis tasks


Alexandr Lopushanskiy, and Yana Bekeneva


The testbed for definition of the exploit’s execution features to detect and score cyber attacks


Sergei Verevkin, and Elena Fedorchenko


Detection of internal security incidents in cyber-physical systems


Anastasia Iskhakova


On the construction of data protection algorithms in cyberphysical systems


Andrey Iskhakov


An approach to automating the daily performance indicators monitoring of a

transport company


Dmitry Khalitov, and Elena Molchanova


Optimization of urban agglomeration transport flows


Nikolaj Sokolov, Oksana Shalamova, and Victor Kochergin


Analysis of post-processing methods of cluster IMU MEMS of autonomous navigation of ground transport systems


Fedor Sorokin, Roman Kiselev, and Alena Golovleva


Using digital twins to manage traffic flows


Yaroslav Shamlitsky, Ovsyankin Aleksey, Evgeny Morozov, and Tatiana Strekaleva


Transportation Operations and Logistics Dynamics


Multi-layer cross-country maps as a data source for solving the problem of laying a route


Roman Dobretsov, Sergey Voinash, Sergey Ariko, Svetlana Partko,

Abdul-Mudalif Dzjasheev, Ramil Zagidullin, and Stanislav Akhmetshin


Controlled power distribution mechanisms in the transmission of an integral tractor


Roman Dobretsov, Viktoriia Sokolova, Aleksandr Ivanov, Alexander Scherbakov, and Anna Novozhilova


Study of fuel injection and atomization processes of a diesel engine running on

petroleum fuel and biofuel


Pablo Ramon Vallejo Maldonado, Sergey Devyanin, Vladimir Markov,

Vsevolod Neverov, Airat Safin, and Adel Yakushev


Estimated assessment of the static position of the hull with a change in the pre-tensioning force of the tracks


Artem Bazhukov, Vladimir Rolle, Polina Stepina, Stanislav Akhmetshin,

Adel Yakushev, and Alexandra Orekhovskaya


Estimated assessment of the power and geometric parameters of the caterpillar mover


Artem Bazhukov, Sergey Hoodorozhkov, Andrey Karnaukhov, Sergey Voinash,

Linar Sabitov, and Ilgam Kiyamov    


Calculation of energy expenses for moving soil by the conveyor of the unit for tunneling


Vladimir Nikolaev, Irina Troyanovskaya, Ekaterina Mikhaylenko,

Alexander Scherbakov, Ilgam Kiyamov, and Linar Sabitov


Experimental study of diesel engine, running on petroleum diesel fuel and rapeseed oil


Pablo Ramon Vallejo Maldonado, Sergey Devyanin, Vladimir Markov,

Vsevolod Neverov, Ekaterina Miroshikhina, and Aidar Nurullin


Problems and prospects for the development of transport systems in Yakutia


Dmitriy Andreev


Analysis of the concentration of traffic flows in cities and towns when assessing the potential noise level in residential areas


Vladislav V. Bulkin


Determination of the vehicle’s carrying capacity taking into account the bearing capacity of the roads


Damir Nuretdinov, Radik Galiyev, Marat Kalimullin, Abdul-Mudalif Dzjasheev,

Anton Popov, and Rustem Sakhapov


Research of antenna arrays with non-equidistant emitters


Eduard Zhdanov, Andrey Slavyansky, Olga Kharina, and Alexander Shpak


Modern issues of forming an assessment of the effectiveness of the functioning of public urban passenger transport systems


Sergey Mochalin, Yuliya Koleber, Anatolij Shonin, and Andrej Larin


Development of information support of the decision-making management system for emergency prevention based on distance video systems


Aleksandr Koshel, Pavel Kuprienko, Vitaly Fedyanin, Alexey Vytovtov, and

Denis Korolev


Algorithm for operational planning of transportation by machine shipments in long-

distance traffic


Nikita Novokshonov, Sergey Mochalin, Roksana Shipitsyna, Nikolai Ponomarev, and Irina Pogulayeva


Integration of transport system management tasks


Vladimir Mavzovin, Nikolay Klevanskiy, Irina Teterina, Ramil Zagidullin, and Vladimir Zyryanov


On the issue of developing urban infrastructure for electric vehicles


Grigory Nesterenko, Irina Nesterenko, Dmitry Likhachev, Venera Yumagulova,

Iraida Bedenko, and Murad Khafizov


Overview of road safety activities


Grigory Nesterenko, Irina Nesterenko, Sergey Dorokhin, Ruslan Korablev,

Maria Lushpaeva, and Rustem Sakhapov


Determination of the appropriate option for the use of group trains


Natalia Mukovnina, and Oksana Bondarenko


The concept of determining the residual life of vehicle assemblies and components


Damir Nuretdinov, Radik Galiyev, Andrey Shvyriov, Rail Khusainov, Iraida Bedenko, and Almaz Akhmadiev


The new era of American manufacturing: evaluating the risks and rewards of reshoring


Ivan Kudrenko


Increasing oil absorption in bearings as a result of ultrasonic exposure to ultrafine particles


Sadokat Siddikova, Shamilidin Sirojidinov, Nasiba Bakhriddinova, Mokhira Zaripova, and Malokhat Juraeva


The impact of offenses on the logistics process during the transportation of cargo


Elena Velieva, and Yakov Veliev



Transport Economics, Management, and Sociocultural Perspectives


Modern geoinformation technologies and their use in transport management


Natalya N. Pluzhnikova


Socio-cultural factors of the evolution of the urban transport system


Anastasiya Shumilina, and Nataliya Antsiferova


The revolution of IT technologies in the transport economy: application and essence


Polina Kartsan, Igor Kartsan, Aleksandr Zhukov, and Maria Klementeva


Evaluation of the maturity level of sustainable transport enterprise development


Tatyana Mozhaeva, Albert Simkin, and Alexander Proskurin


EAEU international transport corridors in the sustainable development of a regional economy


Elena Bolgova, Sergey Bolgov, and Marina Kurnikova


Analyzing and forecasting road traffic accidents and their consequences: a case study of the Udmurt republic


Sergey Vologdin, Ekaterina Kasatkina, and Alexander Kasatkin


Impact of disequilibrium price on sales volume in a logistics system


Aleksandr S. Dulesov, Natalja V. Dulesova, and Irina А. Gimanova


Recommendations for the use of efficient water resources in mountainous areas and its economic-mathematical model


Xakimxon Xikmatov, Adkham Amonov, Rakhmon Eshimov, Alisher Abdinobiyev,

Ulugbek Ubaydullayev, and Jamshid Parmonov


Estimation of the efficiency of road construction machines in the design


Nikolay Barbashov, Roman Kiselev, and Julia Strelkova


Influence of digital transformation of society on the competence requirements of transport company employees


Galina Gagarinskaya, Arkadiy Kremnev, Tatiana Tarasova, Olga Ivanchina, and

Olga Tarasova


The role of transport in export development of fuel and energy complex


Natalya Leokumovich, Larisa Kriklevskaya, Elena Mikhaylova, Olga Kuklina, and Alexandra Pecherina


An intuitionistic fuzzy rough model for maritime transportation chains under disaster effects: the case of COVID-19


Elena Ganshina


The motivational and volitional sphere of transport police officers


Svetlana K. Malakhaeva, Tatiana I. Nikulina, Ekaterina V. Zimina, Anastasia I. Gulyaeva, and Evgeniya G. Kopalkina


Increasing the attractiveness of electric vehicles for consumers in cold climates


Svetlana Shvetsova


Characteristics of optoelectronic discrete displacement converters with hollow and fiber light guides


Umid S. Kholmatov, Davlatkhon K. Mukimova, Elmurod X. Xalimjonov, Axrorbek F. Soliyev, Mukhammadali M. Maribjonov, Mukhriddin R. Komilov, and Mansurxon Shukurov