IV International Conference

GeoTech-2024: Geotechnology, Mining and Rational Use of Natural Resources

3-5 April 2024 | Navoi State University of Mining and Technologies, Navoi, Uzbekistan

About the workshop

The IV International conference "Geotechnology, Mining and Rational Use of Natural Resources - GeoTech-2024" is held on 3-5 April 2024 by the Navoi State University of Mining and Technologies (Uzbekistan).

The Organizers and Partners of the Conference are: Joint Stock Company Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company (Navoi, Uzbekistan), Akita University (Akita city, Japan), Chinese Mining and Technology University (China, Beijing), International Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations (Moscow, Russia), Bukhara Engineering and Technological Institute (Bukhara, Uzbekistan), Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov (Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan), Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, Chile), Namangan Engineering and Technological Institute (Namangan, Uzbekistan).

Scientists and specialists from Uzbek and foreign universities, research institutes, enterprises, design and research centres are invited to participate in GeoTech-2024.

The purpose of the conference - scientific and methodological foundations and practical solutions for the introduction of a new technological structure of the mining and metallurgical industry in the development of solid mineral deposits using combined geotechnologies; discussion of scientific studies on the introduction of technical development and energy efficiency, development of evidence-based conclusions and recommendations for the introduction of innovative developments into production.

Issues of innovative technologies and developments in the mining industry, processing of minerals, metallurgy, energy, chemical technology and processing of industrial man-made waste, environmental safety, green technologies, current problems and development trends of technosphere safety in high-tech industries will be discussed.

The aims of the Conference include organization of cooperation with foreign scientists in conducting research on the efficient processing of minerals, studying advanced foreign technologies and innovative developments, assessing the possibility of their use, solving the problem of training qualified personnel in this field.

80 best papers after peer-review will be sent to E3S Web of Conferences (Scopus, CAS, DOAJ, CrossRef, Google Scolar etc. - full list here) for further publication.

GeoTech-2024 is in the list of the forthcoming conferences of E3S Web of Conferences.

The requirements and templates for the papers can be found here

The Proceedings of GeoTech-2023 are published in E3S Web of Conferences (volume 417), indexed in Scopus.

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