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MIST: Aerospace-I 2019: Передовые технологии в аэрокосмической отрасли, машиностроении и автоматизации

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Сборник материалов семинара опубликован в Журнале IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Том 450) и проиндексирован в Scopus и Web of Science.

Section 1. Aerospace Technologies

Advancing methodology to specify cavitation characteristic of screw-type centrifugal pumps V Nazarov, A Zuev, L Nazarova, M Savelyeva

Analysis of logic-time characteristics of subsystem supply functioning hardware elements of unmanned aerial vehicles   N A Testoedov, I V Kovalev, M Fosner, A A Voroshilova, V V Losev

Application of cascade-connected regulation in the implementation of the software of weight component compensation system V I Kudymov, J O Badanina, I V Kovalev, V S Bashkarev, M V Karaseva

Automation system of communication satellite designing  N A Testoedov, A V Kuzovnikov, Yu G Vygonsky, D A Matronitsky, A V Ankudinov, T V Strekaleva

High-speed stream data collection and processing system of the Earth’s ionospheric sounding   Vladimir V. Kopytov, Andrey O. Shulgin, Nikita G. Demurchev, Pavel V. Kharechkin, Vladimir V. Naumenko

Direction-finding method solution phase ambiguity in determining the spatial orientation of space vehicle  I N Kartsan, M O Petrosyan, S V Efremova, V V Khrapunova,

Development of electric heaters with increased efficiency of unpressurized designed space vehicles  N V Lukonin, I Y Shestakov,  E N Golevenkin, M M Mikhnev, I A Maksimov, S N Pankina

Efficient engineering approach to communication satellite design N A Testoedov, A Yu Vshivkov, V I Kosenko, A V Ankudinov, M V Saveleva, E V Tuev

Electrodynamic analysis of materials for the antenna elements  Alexandr Chabanenko, Elena Frolova, Victor Balashov, Maria Smirnova

Ensuring the quality of the materials used in the spacecraft engineering V E Patraev, E A Shangina, V V Dvirny, A A Voroshilova, S A Borisov

Evaluation of visual characteristics of image perception in avionics   O O Zharinov, M O Kostishin, M A Trushkin, V V Markelov

Experimental research of the drawing process with forced thinning of thick billet for the formation of parts with specified wall thickness S Yu Zvonov, A G Shlyapugin , A A Halikova

Fast satellite imagery of lengthy territories with complex configuration   D K Mozgovoy, D N Svinarenko, R Yu Tsarev, T N Yamskikh

Focused antennas for diagnostics of spacecraft antenna systems  D A Veden’kin, J E Sedel’nikov, N A Testoedov, I J Danilov, А G Romanov, V I Kudymov

Choice of optimal multiversion software for a small satellite ground-based control and command complex  I N Kartsan, S V Efremova, V V Khrapunova, M I Tolstopiatov

Investigation of the automation level of designing the software and hardware structure of the on-board equipment integrated modular avionics A V Khakimov, V A Nechaev, M O Kostishin

Investigation of the surface relief of polyalkaneimide composites after treatment with oxygen plasma  V I Pavlenko, N I Cherkashina

Laser reflection method for vegetation monitoring at eye-safe sensing wavelengths in the NIR spectral band  M L Belov, A M Belov, V A Gorodnichev, S V Alkov

Modelling of the welded seam parameters at electron-beam welding Yu N Seregin, A V Murygin, V S Tynchenko, A V Milov

On the efficiency of defocusing a large satellite multi-beam hybrid parabolic antenna Yu I Choni,  A G Romanov, I Yu Danilov, V V Mochalov, V A Bartenev, A O Shemyakov

On the peculiarities of wear-resistant nanocoatings research under production conditions. Obtaining calculated dependencies  N A Chemborisov, I K  Ustinov, O A Artemenko

Prediction of the vibration state of the GTE turbine rotor taking into account the influence of the geometric accuracy of parts  М А Boltov,  Е J Kolchina, V A Pechenin, N D Pronichev

Optimization model of the hub airport schedule under uncertainty E D Guzha, V A Romanenko, M A Skorokhod

Peculiarities of precision space platform design for navigation satellites  V E Kosenko,  V D Zvonar, M A Ilin, V E Chebotarev, A A Frolov

On the peculiarities of wear-resistant nanocoatings research under production conditions. Part 2. Experiment results  N A Chemborisov, I K  Ustinov, O A Artemenko

Quality assurance of electrical components for spacecraft on-board equipment  V E Patraev, V E Chebotarev, E A Shangina, A A Voroshilova, R Yu Tsarev, T N Yamskikh

Satellite imagery of coastlines  D K Mozgovoy,  D N Svinarenko, R Yu Tsarev, T N Yamskikh, E V Burdina

Simulation of short-range navigation system based pseudolites and investigation of its accuracy characteristics D D Dmitriev, A B Gladyshev, V N Ratuschnyak, I N Kartsan

Solving navigation-temporal tasks in different coordinate systems V E Chebotarev, V V Brezitskaya,  I V Kovalev, I N Kartsan, Yu N Malanina, A O Shemyakov

Spacecraft protection from the negative effects of environmental factors and complex dynamic loads at the transportation stage Е N Golovenkin, S N Lozovenko, А V Tsaitler, M V Karaseva, A A Melkomukov

Substantiation of the need to create the technology of stretch forming shells double curvature shell using new alloys V A Mikheyev, S V Surudin, D V Agafonova, A T Tiabashvili, V O Agafonova

The automated system of telemetry data multiline reception, processing and analysing J V Vilkov, I A Maksimov, M V Nekrasov, R J Tsarev, T N Yamskikh, V V Kovalev

The development of the model of satellite orbital motion  A G Dubrovin, Yu N Baranov, A P Tryastsin

The electrodynamic modelling of netted linen O Sh. Dautov, A G. Romanov,  V A. Skachkov, A K Shatrov, E N Golovenkin

Variable neighbourhood search algorithm for K-means clustering V I  Orlov, L A  Kazakovtsev,  I P  Rozhnov, N A Popov, V V Fedosov



A description of the interface interaction model of specialized information and software of the distributed automated process control systems I V Kovalev, V V Losev, M V Saramud, D I Kovalev, G D Voskoboinik

A method of measuring the depth of the penetration channel during electron-beam welding A A Druzhinina, V D Laptenok, A V Murygin, V E  Petrenko

Alkali silicate protective coatings L N Nazharova, G G Mingazova, R S Saifullin

Analysis and design of pressure sensors for micromechanical integrated pressure sensors M E Kalinkina, A S Kozlov,  R Y Labkovskaia, O I Pirozhnikova, V L Tkalich

Analysis of the intellectual interaction of mechanical autonomous systems  A V Lekanov, I V Kovalev, F K Sin’kovsky, A D Leonenkov, M V Karaseva, S A Borisov

Application of imitation modelling means to create digital twins of the Industry 4.0 company technological equipment D A Zakoldaev, A V Gurjanov, D R Kochubey, I O Zharinov

Artificial aging of hard-alloy cutting tool with titanium diffusion coating as a way to increase its persistence A G Sokolov,  L I Svistun, R L Plomodyalo, E E Bobylyov

Automated process control quality improvement of technical systems electrochemical protection Anatoly Yastrebov, Alexander Konovalov, Vladimir Sulaberidze, Victor Balashov

Basic requirements and principles for the compensation system development E N Golovenkin, A K Shatrov, J O Badanina, E I Badanin, I V Kovalev, M V Karaseva

Calculating the geometric parameters of the distribution of electron beam energy density on its section in EBW A N Bocharov, A V Murygin, V D Laptenok

Characterization of microrelief forming on the hardened steel surface with ultrasonic reinforcing burnishing processing Sergey Grigoriev, Aleksandr Selivanov, Igor Bobrovskij, Aleksandr Dyakonov, Igor Deryabin

Crystallization of aluminium alloys under pressure V F Korostelev, M S Denisov

Dependent failure in multifunctional automatic control systems     A S Degtyarev, V I Usakov, P A Kuznetsov, I V Kovalev, M V Karaseva

Designing High-Speed CNC-Operations  A Kh Nurkenov, V I Guzeev, P G Mazein, I P Deryabin

Determination of installation sites for anti-adhesive devices on the bucket of an EK-18 excavator  S A Zenkov

Determination of reliability of working position with rigid inter-aggregate relation Sergey Grigoriev, Boris Gorshkov, Nikolai Bobrovskij, Igor Bobrovskij, Natalya Samokhina

Device for measuring the electrical conductivity of a flame for the diagnosis of the combustion process in an ICE with spark ignition  Natalya Smolenskaya, Igor Bobrovskij, Victor Smolenskii, Nikolaj Bobrovskij, Aleksey Lukyanov

Device for monitoring the temperature and diameter of an extended cylindrical object in the high-temperature manufacturing process           A Tomashuk

Diffusion saturation from fusible liquid metal media solutions by titanium of TK and WC-Co alloys as way to increase of tool durability E E Bobylyov

Engineering of the knife grinding machine milling process Sergey Vikharev

Estimating Safety of a Tractor Cab with the Protective System ROPS I.P. Troyanovskaya, S.I. Serov, E.I.Kromskij, D.V. Kozminych

Expansion of technological capabilities of the laboratory unit for determining the longitudinal stability of rods  E V Shirokikh, T D Dikova, O B Shirokikh, E A Smirnova, O A Pogodina

Experimental stand for the study of cavitation flow regimes  Vladimir A Kulagin, Alexander U Radzyuk, Elena B Istyagina, Tatyana A Pianykh

Features of the holes formation by counterboring tool   I P Deryabin, V G Shalamov

Formation of a complex part surface at the micro level during milling  N A Chemborisov, I D Sokolova, I K Ustinov

Formation of the diffusion barrier at the interface of Cr20Ni80 alloy - Ni-Cr-Al coating V G Shmorgun, A I Bogdanov, A O Taube, L M Gurevich

Heat exchange numerical modelling while cooling a high-temperature metallic cylinder by water and air medium flow  S S Makarov, M Y Alies

Implementation of the design concept of a high-speed processing cycle for CNC machines in the form of a software module CAM-system     L V Shipulin, A Kh Nurkenov, P G Mazein

Influence evaluation of the tow ship oscillation on the towed system motion N N Kamaletdinov, A L Gusev, E S Golovina

Influence of the electrolysis mode on corrosion resistance of metallic coatings S. Yu. Kireev, Yu. P. Perelygin, S. N. Kireeva

Influence of ultrasonic burnishing on the durability of the burnisher  Sergey Grigoriev, Aleksandr Selivanov, Nikolai Bobrovskij, Aleksandr Dyakonov, Petr Mazein

Laser-aided direct metal tooling of manufacturing aviation details on CNC machine P Ogin, D Levashkin, F Vasilyev

Method of forming means for monitoring the process of electrochemical protection of pipeline systems Alexander Konovalov, Artemy Varzhapetyan, Anatoly Yastrebov, Victor Balashov

Methods of assessment of modernization of the tractor Belarus 922 to work on ethanol-containing fuel Sergey Plotnikov, Yury Lanskikh, Mikhail Smol’nikov

Model for stationary turn of an arbitrary vehicle I P Troyanovskaya, S A Voinash

Modelling of electron beam distribution in electron beam welding Yu N Seregin, A V Murygin, V D Laptenok, V S Tynchenko

Modelling of milling processes in knife grinding machines S N Vikharev, J D Alashkevich

Non-Newtonian effects of a lubricant flow through a T-shaped microchannel E R Kutuzova, A F Tazyukova, F Kh Tazyukov, A G Kutuzov

Optimization model controlling parameters of a roller drilling process based on energy criterion A A Shigina, A O Shigin, A A Stupina, S M Antipina, N N Dzhioeva

Principles of construction of the technological system for the manufacture of construction polymer reinforcement FA Urazbakhtin , Yu V Ganziy, M V Otrishko

Resistance to brittle fracture and availability of austenitic steels  Boris Ermakov, Svetlana Vologzhanina, Igor Bobrovskij, Nikolai Bobrovskij, Yaroslav Erisov

Simulation of influence of cutting tool’s construction on specific heat energy in processing of bevel gears   Nikita Kanatnikov, Nikolai Bobrovskij, Vladimir Tabakov, Petr Zibrov, Oleg Drachev

Specific features of mobile machine reverse movement   A S  Pavlyuk, V I  Poddubniy, A S  Baranov

Structure and thermophysical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene-aluminium composite materials produced by explosive pressing N A Adamenko, A V Kazurov, D V  Savin, G V Agafonova

Study of ZrN-AlN formation solid-phase reaction in a nitrogen atmosphere during microwave heating  R A Shishkin, V S Kudyakova, A V Chukin, A R Beketov

The integration of automatized systems and cyber and physical equipment of the Industry 4.0 item designing company  A V Gurjanov, D A Zakoldaev, A V Shukalov, I O Zharinov

Wear resistance of composite coatings based on iron alloys J E Kisel, G V Guryanov

Welded pipe geometry changing during the expanding process D B Frunkin, L M  Gurevich, R E Novikov, A I Bannikov, A G Serov, N A Dyatlov

Working position with recomposed production systems  Igor Bobrovskij, Boris Gorshkov, Maksim Odnoblyudov, Nikita Kanatnikov, Pavel Melnikov


About algorithm of robust nonparametric estimation of regression function on observations  M A Denisov, E A Chzhan, A A Korneeva V V Kukartsev

Activation of phase boundary and current-generating processes in plasma-electrochemical systems V A Mamaeva, A K Chubenko, A I Mamaev, E Yu Beletskaya T A Baranova

Analysis of spacecraft actuator mechanisms design process using tensor method N A Testoedov, V I Usakov, V A Levko, S Yu Piskorskaya, V A Bartenev

Analytical approaches for analysis of intracardiac bipolar electrograms during atrial fibrillation K S Mityagin, A P Zaretskiy, G A Gromyko A P Kuleshov

Application of the object model in the modelling process of locomotive drive units D Ya Antipin, V I Vorobyev, S O Kopylov

Automation of adjustment stages by high-performance semiconductor converters M A Grigorev, A A. Gryzlov V S Katrichek

Developing the model of an automated rotary-cut veneer sorting system  B M Shifrin, I V Eliseev, V A Sokolova, N V Melamed S A Voinash

Genetic algorithms of physical modelling with postcrossover survival   A S Degtyarev, V I Usakov, P A Kuznetsov, I V Kovalev T S Karaseva

Method of intellectualization for geospatial processes control systems Yan Ivakin, Sergey Michurin, Vladimir Sulaberidze Valeriy Lipatnikov

Non-smooth regularization in radial artificial neural networks V N Krutikov, LA Kazakovtsev V L Kazakovtsev

Reduction of the asymptotic complexity of the assignment problem J V Vilkov, V A Bartenev, G M Rudakova, O V Korchevskaya E V Tueva

Simulation for dynamics of transient ischemic attacks with thermal infrared imaging  K S Mityagin, A P Zaretskiy I B Prokhorov

Solution of the dynamics inverse problem with the copying control of an anthropomorphic manipulator based on the predictive estimate of the operator’s hand movement using the updated Brown method V I Petrenko, F B Tebueva, М М Gurchinsky, V O Antonov J А Shutova

The formalized approach of building a network controller for the information handling automated process control system of the technological control cycle J V Vilkov, V A Bartenev, I V Kovalev, V V Losev M N Chuvashova

The implementation of measures for reduction an inertia of the interaction components of the heterogeneous environment for the automated process control system  A A Koltyshev, A K Shatrov, I V Kovalev, V V Losev M N Chuvashova

The method of forming a geometric solution of the inverse kinematics problem for chains with kinematic pairs of rotational type only V I Petrenko, F B Tebueva, M M Gyrchinsky, V O Antonov J A Shutova

The principles of the electric drive control of antennas and solar batteries rotation system for spacecraft based on a dual-fed switched reluctance drive  S A Bronov, N A Nikulin, P V Avlasko, D V Volkov, E A Stepanova, D D Krivova, A A Bisov, R M Nikitin D E Alfimov

Transport system organization of an Industry 4.0 cyber and physical production company D A Zakoldaev, A V Shukalov, I O Zharinov O O Zharinov


A method for the autonomous control of navigation information integrity I N Kartsan, M O Petrosian, S V Efremova, V V Brezitskaia

Adaptive encoding in remote digital telemetry and command systems  A G Samoylov, S A Samoylov, V S Samoylov A P Galkin

Adaptive visible image watermarking based on Hadamard transform Margarita Favorskaya, Eugenia Savchina Aleksei Popov

An approach for automating the design of convolutional neural networks Dmitry Plotnikov, Evgenii Sopov Ilia Panfilov

Application of informative patterns in the classifier for a logical data analysis method development  R I Kuzmich, A A Stupina, M V Karaseva, L N Ridel T V Dubrovskaya

Approach for determination of cyber-attack goals based on the ontology of security metrics Elena Doynikova, Igor Kotenko

Comprehensive approach for solving multimodal data analysis problems based on integration of evolutionary, neural and deep neural network algorithms  Ilya Ivanov, Evgenii Sopov, Ilya Panfilov

Coverage verification by tests of program branches and conditions of software in environments of automatic testing A H Li, I A Lyapunova N A Fomenko

Formation of optimal composition of the modules of single-function multiversion software for automated control system of the satellite communication system  V I Kudymov, V. V. Brezitskaya, P. V. Zelenkov, I. N. Kartsan Yu. N. Malanina

Increasing of organizational and technical system reliability with a help of differential approach A A Sidaras, S V Chentsov

Integration of hardware and software tools for VLSI SoC class design support O V Drozd, P A Russkikh, S V Chentsov, D V Kapulin

Methods of beam forming adaptive digital array and their study using a computer model   D D Dmitriev, A V Sokolovskii, I N Kartsan, V N Tyapkin, S V Efremova

Non-replicable object surface development for its automatic identification  L S Beckel, V D Shkilev

Optimization of automatic exclusion algorithm of the vector network analyzer measuring equipment  D А Bolshakov, N N Burdukovskaya, K V Shugurova

Optimization of two-alternative batch data processing A V Kolnogorov

Risk management of interactive electronic technical manual design projects  Artemy Varzhapetyan, Valeriy Lipatnikov, Sergey Michurin, Elena Frolova

Salient region detection in the task of visual question answering Margarita Favorskaya, Vladimir Andreev, Aleksei Popov

Simulation modelling of the heterogeneous distributed information processing systems G A Ontuzheva,  E R Bruchanova, I N Rudov, N O Pikov, O A Antamoshkin


A new approach to multiversion decision-making to improve the reliability of environmental monitoring parameters M.V. Saramud, I.V. Kovalev, V.V. Losev, A S Kuznetsov, D I Kovalev, S S Ognerubov

Combined production of ammonia and methanol as the way to deal with the greenhouse gas S V Afanasiev, M V Kravtsova, Yu N Shevchenko T P Guschina

Component selection model of the indoor automated system on the basis of system analysis S A Ivanov, I J Kvyatkovskaya

Converting gaseous pollutants toxic to plants and humans into environmentally friendly compounds in artificial ecosystems  A A Tikhomirov, S A Ushakova, N A Tikhomirova, S V Trifonov, G S Kalacheva

Selection of emission detection ranges for the laser method of plant stress revealing at a fluorescence excitation wavelength of 355 nm   Ju V Fedotov, М L Belov, D  A Kravtsov, A A Cherpakov, V A Gorodnichev

Development and creation a model of a digital twin of the cubepart rectification installation for the separation of a binary water-alcohol mixture R A Khakimov, N S Shcherbo

Development of low-waste technology for the processing of sulphur into polysulphides and materials based on them  A A Jusupova, R T Akhmetova, L R Baraeva, G A Medvedeva, Zh V Mezhevich

Elaborating of the device for the importation of liquid ameliorants into the soil  S A Vasilyev, I I Maximov, A A Vasilyev, E AVasilyeva

Environmental management modelling in the areas of waste landfilling  T G Sereda, S N Kostarev

Geoinformation modelling system of natural technical complexes for simulation modelling and optimization of load distribution Natalia Zhilnikova

Investigation of seed uniformity under field and laboratory conditions E P Alekseev, S A Vasiliev, I I Maksimov

Measurement accuracy of real time parameters in environmental monitoring  M.V. Saramud, I.V. Kovalev, D I Kovalev, A.A. Voroshilova, A.S. Kuztensov

Microclimate Control System Development S N Kostarev, T G Sereda

Numerical modelling of surge wave in downstreams of the waterworks J G Ivanenko, A A Tkachev, K G Gurin, D J Ivanenko

Optimization of carbon dioxide compressing technology in the production of urea S V Afanasiev, M V Kravtsova, Yu N Shevchenko, T P Guschina, S A Sokov

Optimization of recycling strategy for solid industrial waste A V Rubinskaya, E I Pister, A A Ioffe, A Yu Vititnev, M V Karaseva

Developing the technology of physicochemical processing of organic waste in closed life support systems for space applications  A A Tikhomirov, S V Trifonov, E A Morozov

System for personnel training in decision making of wildfires fighting  G Dorrer, A Dorrer, I Buslov, S Yarovoy


Automation and control of blow molding mechanisms according to the criterion of maximum energy efficiency V V Platonov, A T Tsirkunenko, S S Bukhanov

Automation of the design and development stages of semiconductor devices  A А Imanova, V V Fediakov, E Tulegenov

Control of high-voltage pump motor using a frequency sine-wave filter converter E Dresvianskii, M Pokushko, A Stupina, V Panteleev, V Yurdanova

Determination of the amount of entropy of non-recoverable elements of the technical system  Aleksander  Dulesov, Denis Karandeev, Natalia Dulesova

Doubly fed induction motors control in positional electrical drives P V Avlasko, S A Bronov, Z A Avlasko, D A Antonenko

Experimental study on the structure formation features of a filler of catalytic heating systems A A Medyakov, A D Kamenskih, D M Lastochkin, A P Ostashenkov

High-performance flux-switching DC motors for energy facilities A D Golykov, S P Gladyshev, A N Gorozhankin

Improving the reliability of the relay automation system for power facilities S S Bukhanov, L A Zhuravleva, M N Kornienko

Increase of energy efficiency of energy generation due to utilization of waste heat on district heating systems D Karabarin, S Mihailenko

The research of the electric field intensity change in the air gap of the compact electrostatic filter  F R Ismagilov, I Kh Khairullin, M V Okhotnikov, A A Nusenkis, D V Maksudov

Optimization model of power supply system of industrial enterprise  V Panteleev, S Zilberman, G Pilyugin, R Petukhov, E Sizganova, M Mashukov

Power forecasting for a photovoltaic system based on the multi-agent adaptive fuzzy neurone A S Degtyarev, V I Kosenko, E A Engel, N N Engel, M V Saveleva

Prediction of improper operation of microprocessor relay protection devices during geomagnetic storms  Е V Platonova, V I Panteleev, G N Chistyakov, А V Mainagashev, V P Kochetkov

Increasing the efficiency of energy generation at Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 by utilization of waste heat D Karabarin, S Mihailenko

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