IV International Workshop

AMS-IV: Advances in Materials Sciences - 2024


Registration AMS-IV-2024

IV International Workshop "Advances in Materials Science" - AMS-IV 2024 is organized by Bukhara Engineering-Technological Institute on 30-31 May 2024 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

We invite scientists, specialists and research teams as well as representatives of the enterprises interested in all aspects of theoretical and practical research of materials science: synthesis, analysis of properties, technology of materials processing and their use to participate in the Workshop.

The purpose of the Workshop is to exchange the experience of leading experts in the application of advanced science-intensive production technologies, industrial chemistry, physics of materials, metallurgy, nanotechnology, crystallography, plastics, polymers, ceramics and glass technology.

The best selected papers will be published in Scientific.Net Publishing:

The papers should be submitted to the Publisher's Tool.

After we receive your registration, we will send a letter to the corresponding author with the link to the Tool, login and password as well as the link to the Tutorial.

The corresponding authors has to upload the paper into the Publisher's Tool.

The papers have to be formatted according to the TEMPLATE.

Choose the Workshop Direction
The first letter of the title should be capitalized with the rest in lower case.
The style for the names is initials then surname, with a comma after all names. Initials should have full stops — for example A. J. Smith. First names in full may be used if desired.
Please ensure that affiliations include the name of the university (institute, organization), city and country
The name of the corresponding author should obligatory contain the first full name and the surname. This name and surname will be used to create an account in the Publisher's Tool.
This should be the email of the corresponding author. This email address will be used to create an account in the Publisher's Tool.
If the corresponding author has ORCID number, it should be put here (optional)
We are asking for a contact phone number for urgent call if it is necessay
Choose how you will present the paper at the Conference
For non-resident participants, graduate students and young scientists, participation with an online presentation is available (E-presentation - from 3 to 5 slides - are issued in free form in pdf format, the template can be downloaded on the conference website). The presentations can be sent later but before 05/12/2021 to the email: krasnio@bk.ru
Any additional information or questions